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Google Algorithm Update on 23rd & 24th January 2014?


Hello Friends,

Was there any Algorithm Update by Google on last week?

I have noticed traffic drop of 20% for one of my site on 23rd and 24th Jan 2014. The traffic drop is continued for 25th & 26th too. It seems like Panda refresh.

I couldn't find any chatter for the same in Google so it would be great if let me know in case if you have noticed the same.

Algoroo & Mozcast Chart:

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New Feature Added to Google's Advance Search


I just have found that Google has added new feature to its advance search. I think this feature is being tested and available to experience on few IP addresses only. It shows results on the basis of their reading level. Sounds little weird right? Well Matt cutts hasn't announced anything about this feature yet.

While I was using this feature I got results on the basis of selected reading levels. I tried different keywords but, couldn't figure out on what basis I was getting results, only one thing that I could understand is, results were different for each reading level. Mainly this feature has 3 reading levels 1) Basic 2) Intermediate and 3) Advance.

I think this feature classifies and shows results on the basis of grammar and difficult terminologies used in the site's content. Let's see what exactly Google is going to provide us with this feature.

Visit Official Announcement Page for Reading Level Feature.